About Zip Files

You will need a program that can 'unzip' a compressed zip file. I often get people visiting this page with the query 'how do I unzip a zip file' or 'how do I make a zip file.' or 'what is a zip file.' A zip file is a kind of 'briefcase' which holds a number of files inside which have been compressed (reduced in size) using a mathematical algorithm, so that in the typical case, the size of all the files has been reduced by half (making this a better way to save time downloading files on a network, and also saves storage space on a disk). When you 'unzip' a zip file the mathematical algorithm works in the opposite direction and restores the files to their normal size.

If you have use for a simple to use two step Zip/Unzip program visit my Easy Zip File software page.
When I first posted a zip file, I included instructions, and soon the page was getting repeated hits from search engines by those asking 'how do I unzip a zip file' or 'how do I make a zip file.' I designed a simplified interface.
Easy Zip file< uses an intuitive two step process to zip and unzip compressed files, and is quick and convenient to use. The program is 'Donation Ware'.

Easy Zip File Version 3 is online as of December 13th, 2003 and includes additional features. Screen shots of the new windows are available by clicking the link which will take you to the online help file. The new version includes an explorer view of the zip file, a graphics viewer which displays thumbnails of all graphics in the zip file, and a filter to allow viewing of only selected file types, and also handles RAR, TAR, GZ files as well as standard zip files, and includes a number of usability improvements (for example you can right click (using the right mouse button rather than the usual left button) to bring up a pop up menu which allows opening the file in Notepad, Wordpad, or quick view, as well as allowing quick pop up image viewing or viewing of image thumbnails.

Note that if your browser does not have a plug in and you do not know how to download a zip file, follow these instructions. Using your mouse 'right click' on the zip file link and choose 'save link as' (Netscape) or 'save target as' (Internet Explorer). This works on other types of files as well.

Zip files on this site

After you have downloaded any file on this page, when the files have been 'unzipped' into the folder the zipfile created, click on it to open the folder and then find the file named ' index.html ', and click on it (or any other html or htm type file) to launch your browser and start surfing offline...

(Downloading zip files is quicker than using a spider on my site - there are thousands of files here, currently over 80 megabytes and growing, and no one has ever finished a spider crawl of my site for that reason...)

The prophecy section

I have posted a small zip file of the prophecy section Click here - (415 KB)

You can download a photo series of the unfolding of the Eden Eagle wing over the Sahara desert during the Summit of the Americas by clicking here (48 KB) or you can download some additional info and files as a zip file - (224 KB)

Download a zip file on Jewish prophecy (100 KB)

Because manuscripts of prophecy were edited by Levite priests and contain multiple sources, and because I am concerned about the possibility of gullible reading of prophetic books (including those wonderful wonderful Holy War prophets and other disturbing things), well for all these reasons and more I have decided to post a small zip file of critical commentaries on Jewish prophecy ....

You can download a zipfile of the december folder (December 9th, 2001), including the afghan war photos - 618 kb (right click on the link and choose save link (or target) from the pop up menu if your browser does not have a plug in for zip files...)

HTML Bible

If you want to download zip files of individual books of the Bible visit my Bible zip file page.

Download a zip file of the Synoptic gospels compared in parallel columns (380 KB)

To download an HTML Bible (can be used by the zip file above, or as a standalone Bible) - (2.6 megabytes). This Bible uses the copyright free American Standard Version of 1901, with updated English. The file must be copied into the 'awitness' directory in order for the links to the Bible to work properly. (Unzip the file into the 'awitness' folder, or highlight the Biblehtm directory, click on the 'copy' button (or right click and choose copy) and then open the awitness folder and choose paste to copy the Html Bible folder into the awitness directory. ie. For the links to work the path to the bible must be - awitness/biblehtm/ --- the index file for the site would be located off the root as well ie. awitness/index.html)

If you know how to link to an HTML file you can use this HTML Bible on a website (keep in mind that it is about 5 to 7 megabytes expanded, depending on the file system used). The syntax for the link would look like this - for example to reference the 15th verse of the 10th chapter of the book of Joshua the link would look like this - biblehtm/jos/jos10.htm#jos_10_15. Note that there is a redundancy in the verse reference (after the '#' operator) in that both the book name and chapter are included in the link, when only the verse number was really needed. If your server is 'case sensitive' then you should either set your FTP program to 'force lower case' or you should modify your links to capitalize all file names ie. Biblehtm/Jos/Jos10.htm#jos_10_15. (Note that if you have windows set to be case sensitive this is going to cause the links not to work so you might want to use a Multifile find and replace utility, a tool I find very useful for making small changes to lots of files on a website (available for 20.00 by following this link). Using a tool like this one, force all file names to lower case, and the links will work (note windows defaults to be not case sensitive, so unless you changed this yourself you should not have a problem. If you wish to alter this so windows is not case sensitive, or is case sensitive, open 'my computer' then open 'control panel' and then open 'display' and then choose the 'web' tab and at the bottom choose 'folder options' and then choose the 'view' tab. The first item on the list says 'allow upper case names' - normally this is unchecked. Note that these instructions are for Windows 98.) You should also use your HTML editor to remove the link to my home page on the Web which is found on the main index page in the root Biblehtm folder ...When you link keep in mind that the file extension is 'htm' (not 'html' - I keep getting errors in my log file from people manually typing in 'html' to access certain bible pages on my site).


A Unified Field Theory

failed_gravity_theory.gif - 10361 Bytes

The Unified Field Theory
is also available as a zip file ->

Introduction :The Pioneer Effect and the New Physics. A brief description of the new physics required to explain the 'Pioneer Effect', which is the constant deceleration of space craft as they fly through space.