A Unified Field Theory

A summary of the Unified Field Theory


Quantization of Energy

If we speak of the energy being transfered in some subatomic process as being 'quantized' we mean that it is not a continuous smooth transfer but rather it occurs in many small (discrete) steps.

The Unified Field Theory as it is being formulated here states that there is no matter in the universe, and that the little itsy bitsy jig saw puzzle pieces of matter which are said to constitute the building blocks of big matter do not actually exist. Rather the universe consists of atoms which are nothing more than little magnetic field bubbles. 'Matter' should be understood as merely an interpretation of the human brain as it interacts with energy fields.

It is because the Unified Field Theory proposes that an electromagnetic explanation must be formulated to explain the properties of the atom, and it is because the Unified Field Theory rejects 'elementary mass particles' composed of some kind of 'frozen energy' that has taken solid form, that it is requred that a new theoretical understanding of the quantization of energy be formulated. According to matter based interpretations of the atom quantization of energy occurs when little particles of energy are absorbed by a charged matter particle, the electron. In the electromagnetic atom the function of an electron is merely as a 'drain hole' required to maintain the flow of current required to maintain the magnet field (since you cannot have a magnetic field without current and you never have current without generating a magnetic field - the two are inseperable). It is because the matter based interpretation of the atom considers the electron to be an 'elementary matter particle' that the role of energy absorption is assigned to this electron, for an electron is a 'negative' charged particle and therefore plays the role of the sponge that soaks up all the energy absorbed within some atom.

It is possible to begin to formulate a theory of quantization of energy in the atom without employing the services of a 'negatively charged sponge particle', such as an electron, which in the electromagnetic atom already has an assigned function, that of the drain hole attached to some faucet in the nucleus.

Now it is quite possible that falling in a gravitational field occurs in quantized discrete steps, and if we examine the interaction of the atom with its surrounding environment we can get some idea as to why this might be true.

quantize.gif quantize.gif - 4439 Bytes In the image above we can see two possible scenarios where energy exchange could take place between an atom and the surrounding field energy. The atom could absorb field energy, as on the left, where the outside field is positive and the atom is negative. As the atom absorbs energy, the inner shell of the sphere quickly takes on a positive charge with respect to the rest of the atom, while at the same time it becomes neutral with respect to the outer environment, which suggests that transfer of energy would cease, since energy is only transferred where there is a potential difference in the level of energy (a voltage differential). The voltage differential now exists within the sphere of the atom itself, and following the principle that voltage differences are never allowed to exist in an energy field without the result being a flow of current to even out the field strength, we could then expect the energy to be absorbed by means of the inner current flow within the atom, with the result being that the area at the bottom would once again be negative with respect to the outside environment, resulting in one more discrete infusion of energy, with the cycle of small step by step infusions of energy into the atom continuing until the atom is neutral with respect to the energy level of the outside environment.

With this thought in mind we could imagine that the process of falling in a gravitational field (whether the direction is up or down) assumes the form of discrete step by step oscillations, wherein the transfer of energy is quantized, and it is the fact that these oscillations occur so quickly and on such small scales that falling appears to be a smooth continuous function, when actually it was a quantized function and occurred in steps.

The same principle would apply to emmissions of energy by an atom, as in the image on the right, where an atom emits energy into the outside environment, and then the thin layer around the atom emission becomes a neutral charge, which halts further emissions, until the positive spot in the external environment is pulled away from the outer shell of the atom, at which time the atom is free once again to emit energy.

No negative matter particle such as the elementary particle electron is required to explain this process of quantization of energy, since it would appear to be a charge phenomenon that is the inevitable consequence of emission and absorption between the barrier separating two non-homogenous energy fields.

A summary of the Unified Field Theory