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Why I am interested in a Unified Field Theory...

When I was fifteen I lived in the town of Melville, Saskatchewan. For a period of several months the people of this town, including myself, were witnesses to some extremely unusual luminous flying craft.

The illustration above is a representation of just one of these events.

I observed three identical floating craft hovering in a straight line formation over the top of a barn. The objects were symmetrical and shaped like two shallow soup bowls placed face to face. They appeared to be about 12 to 15 feet wide and about 6 or 7 feet deep. The objects had a phosphorescent glow; one had that typical ‘greenish glow’ we see in glow in the dark toys, and one was peculiar shade of blue and the third was crimson red. As I watched the greenish colored object descended towards the ground and then began to move over the field at a height of perhaps six feet off the ground.

My reaction upon witnessing this display (and many other unusual objects which I will not bother to describe here) was that I immediately came to the conclusion that our science of physics is in error, in particular concerning the prevailing theory of gravitation, and that therefore Einstein was mistaken, for the theory of General Relativity could not be a correct theory of gravitation, for it does not incorporate the idea of objects floating motionless in a gravitational field.

I have always been very offended when people reject my testimony on this matter by insisting that such things are 'impossible' because 'it is a violation of the laws of physics'. It is apparent to me that something is wrong with the laws of physics, and therefore, since no one else appears to be heading in the proper direction, I have made it a hobby of mine to work on finding a satisfactory solution to this problem.

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