A Devil Story

A story about a poltergeist
and a house haunted by a devil

      On my story page I said that I had a few devil stories to tell, but that I did not feel comfortable telling them because it seemed to me that people would probably consider me to be crazy if I started telling stories like that (as if the rest of my story was not 'crazy' enough as it is - but sometimes you only want to go so far). I have since changed my mind and I have decided to tell one devil story.

      When I was eighteen I decided to share my personal testimony about the strange events I had experienced with a friend of mine. It was not long after this that a devil came and started haunting my friends house. This devil would come at night and start shaking beds, and then the entire bed would begin to move across the room. This happenned again and again to different people in that house, and it goes without saying that it soon became a house of terror. My friends mother began to stutter terribly, and could hardly get out a single word without the greatest effort, and it seemed to me at the time that she was just an eighth of an inch away from having a complete nervous breakdown. She was also furious, and would have terrible explosions of temper, because, after all, that had been a normal household, having a normal life, and then all of a sudden there was this devil haunting their house. One friend was skeptical about the whole story and insisted that he would sleep on one of those beds himself and prove to himself that there was nothing to that story. He was singing a different tune the next day, and it goes without saying that this was the last time he was eager to sleep in a bed in that house. Another time some friends from out of town were sleeping over night and were awakened in the middle of the night by that bed shaking and then watched as the bed started moving across the room.

      Well, to make a long story short that house was eventually rid of that devil. It turns out that if you stand down one of those devils after a while they will stop trying to scare people and will leave. It seems to me that those devils try to intimidate people, and if you allow yourself to be intimidated, well then they will come back again and try that same thing they tried before. For the longest time after that, every time my friends mother saw me, she would start that stuttering again, because after that devil came and haunted her house I guess she really started to take those stories I was telling seriously. So I used to make a point of trying to avoid contact with her because that fear and that stuttering were hard to bear. I still believe that to this very day she still has not completely recovered from that time that devil was haunting her house.

      As I said, these devil stories sound stupid, but that is a true story. If there is a moral to this little tale I suppose that it would be that if you start telling your story it will anger a devil and next thing you know some angered devil will be trying to intimidate people, but all you have to do is stand that devil down and it will sooner or later give up and go away. So there is one devil story (the others are even wierder than this one, and I think I will keep those stories on the shelf for the time being.)

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