Evangelizing Porn Stars (Part Three) : Sean Lockhart

Sean Lockhart

I waited for days for a little bit of feedback from Sean, and I got some, because you see his last blog posting said he would right back, and then, suddenly, nothing. Sean has left the building, and I think that I know what that means. It means that Brent is back.

It occurred to me this weekend that ‘Brent Corrigan’ is Sean Lockhart, or at least a part of Sean Lockhart, and more than likely the part that Sean doesn’t like and therefore would like to be rid of once and for all. What some critics on the net have referred to as the ‘antics’ of Sean Lockhart is actually just Sean trying to get rid of Brent, once and for all. That might also explain why Sean hates the fig leaf so much, because something like a leaf over your crotch would be a Brent thing and not a Sean thing. Sean is who Sean is trying to be while Brent is who is trying to no longer be, but it isn’t always simple to become who you want to be.

One of the reasons that I first began to studying the blogs of gay porn stars is because porn gives you so little, and this was frustrating me, because I was driven by this need to know real living breathing human beings. Just who were this people? I didn’t know and I really wanted to know.

Now when I first came across Sean Lockhart on his previous home some months ago, my first reaction was that he was a hustler on the make and so I did not bother to much with him and I left and never bothered to return to his old digs. However, since I am very persistent researcher, and very much like a dog gnawing on some bone until finally it has been gnawed away, it was inevitable that like reporter I would catch the whiff of a story and would wind up back researching ‘Brent Corrigan’ once again. And what a story it was.

I did not rely exclusively upon the blogs of ‘Brent Corrigan’ while I was doing my research, for there were also bits and pieces of ‘Brent’ scattered here and there all over the internet. When putting together a jig saw puzzle it is good to get as many pieces as possible when you are trying to form a complete picture, and this is especially important when the medium you are employing in order to get to know another person is the internet which is a medium that has one handicap, in that it keeps you at a distance. I also employ such techniques as reading between the lines or moving furniture out of the way to look behind things, as well as employing my insights into human nature and human behavior, since it is true that people do the things that they do for a reason.

I found the Brent Corrigan character in the Cobra videos to be emotionally withdrawn and therefore an enigmatic emotional cipher, and not a real person I felt that I could understand or know, and so therefore my reaction to that character was pretty much null and void. However I found that over time as I pieced together my portrait of Sean Lockhart the exact opposite phenomena was the result. Powerful passionate emotions were stirred up within me, and I became so very very fond of Sean Lockhart. Critics refer derisively to this place known as ‘Camp Corrigan’, and the buzz has it that the people in ‘Camp Corrigan’ are all ‘Brent’ fanatics, and given my personal experience with that deep affectionate response stirred up within myself, I can believe it and I can understand it. The people over in ‘Camp Corrigan’ must all be those sensitive types who have a knack for working out jig saw puzzles. One of the reasons we are all so fanatical in defending Sean Lockhart from all those barbs and those slings and arrows is because we have come to know him. This may sound cruel, but it is not meant to be, but in some ways Sean is kind of a ‘fuck up’ and we understand that, and it is one of the reasons that we are all so fond of Sean Lockhart.

Now my first impression of Sean Lockhart was that he was simply some hustler on the make, and I still here buzz on the Internet coming from those who are not in ‘Camp Corrigan’ that this is in fact the best explanation of who Sean Lockhart really is as a person. When those passionate emotions began to well up inside of me these thoughts did start to worry me, for as every really slick hustler on the make understands so very well, if you really want to soak someone and take them for what you can get, you should target the heart and not the skin. As for me, I am kind of a fuck up myself, in that I am an intelligent, insightful dimwitted moron. This might sound like a contradiction in terms but nevertheless it is true. For this reason I must be very nervous and worried quite a bit of the time, lest some smooth slick hustler come along and take me to the cleaners by exploiting my dimwitted credulous nature.

Well it was worrying me that perhaps Sean was a very smooth slick hustler, who as some critics have said of him, is using his slick performance to ‘corner the twink market.’ However, fortunately I am very thorough in my research, and this means that when a question like that comes up I have various means at my disposal to determine the actual truth.

Now just speaking to Sean for a moment here, I know, Sean, that we all have these really embarrassing moments in our lives that we would just rather bury and then forget, if only we could, and we certainly would not appreciate anyone who comes along and then reminds everyone of one of those damnable forgettable incidents. However I really don’t have much choice but to dredge up one such incident from your past, a process you might not enjoy to much, but I am sorry, I have to do it, because it is the only way to correctly complete a jig saw puzzle.

You might recall one evening when you were doing you real slick hustle by working a crowd as the emcee for some event or another. I certainly remember it myself, because it was so dreadful because of the painful emotional awkwardness of it all that watching it had me squirming in my seat. It looked to me that the people there were also doing some of that same squirming that I was doing, and that they were also trying real hard to be nice while they were squirming, because of the terrible awkwardness of having ‘Brent Corrigan’ as the emcee for that event. Let us just say that your smooth slick hustle was a little less than smooth and slick on that evening, and knowing human behavior as I do, I can imagine that it is an evening both you and everyone else who was there would just rather forget, but I am sorry, I cannot allow you to forget this Sean, because if I did that then how in the hell could ever deal with that bullshit about how you are smooth slick hustler our on the hustle so you can ‘corner the twink market.’ You know whenever I would feel those powerful emotions stirred up by you, Sean, and then I would fearfully worry that I was being conned and clean out by some really good hustler, I would just remind myself of Brent Corrigan the emcee, and I would remember that you are not some stereotype, but are actually a real living human being, as can be seen by the fact that you are sometimes a bit of a fuck up.

As I have seen, sometimes when people ask for Brent Corrigan to show up for some event, from time to time he still does show up, as much as Sean Lockhart might dread the thought. Apparently when Brent shows up there is very little that Sean can do to ditch the guy and all he can then do is just suffer through and then try to forget. As for anyone, anywhere, at any time, who asks for Brent Corrigan to show up perhaps to act as an emcee or something and then feels that they have something to complain about, I will just point out to those people that they asked for Brent Corrigan, and, voila, their big dream came true and Brent Corrigan actually showed up for the thing, so shut the fuck up.

Now it would appear that Brent Corrigan is back again, for who knows how long this time. You know one of the mistakes those people make over in ‘Camp Corrigan’ is that perhaps they think that the blogger they have come to love is ‘Brent Corrigan’, and this is not true, for the person they actually love is Sean Lockhart, since he is the part of that team that does all the blogging. That Brent Corrigan was kind of a dud as a Cobra video porn star, or so I thought, and he was an wash out as an emcee, and given the trend, he also probably isn’t much a blogger. If those people in Camp Corrigan are getting upset that Brent has disappeared from sight they should not get mad at him but rather they should blame me, because I am the one responsible . Brent is back and he is running a web blog and I would suppose that this means that it might be some time before we will be hearing from him again, for as I was saying, Brent isn’t much a blogger.

Now let us deal with that bit about how Sean Lockhart is a real hustler and that he is on the make. This is true. That boy is really doing the hustle right now and he is on the make, no doubt about that. I noticed that right away myself when I first encountered ‘Brent Corrigan’ and I made the same damned mistake so many other people make when they judge Sean Lockhart and make all those bad remarks about him. Yes he is doing the hustle and his on the make, but let us not forget that Sean Lockhart is a living breathing human being, and that he is also ‘Brent Corrigan’, as much as he hates the idea, and if we are the sensitive type who are skillful at putting together jig saw puzzles and who understand human nature because we ourselves are also human and thus have a few insights into these matters, then we can understand that the ‘antics’ of Sean Lockhart are things he is doing for a reason.

You see Sean was this little lamb, and when they said to him, ‘bah, bah, little lamb, have you any wool,’ that little lamb replied, ‘yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.’ That lamb then proceeded to hand over those three bags stuffed full of wool and got thoroughly fleeced as part of that deal. Now it is in the nature of the porn business that a little lamb only has so many bags of wool to be giving away, for in a short amount of time people get bored and they want a different little lamb and when that happens if some previously fleeced lamb should go around knocking on doors he will suddenly find that no one is interested in giving out jobs any more to some washed up lamb because the three bags of wool have already been stuffed into those three bags and carted away and this was done right away before everyone got bored and moved on.

It is typical for little lambs to be quite naïve and to not understand that when they are giving out those three bags of wool they are giving out all the wool, and so they sign on to get fleeced, perhaps thinking that it will be three bags of wool, and then three more bags of wool, and then three more. No it is three bags of wool and then its out to pasture with all those other shorn sheep. When Sean realized what had happened he became thoroughly pissed off, and that was then Sean became so damned determined to do the hustle and to go on the make big time. You see Sean is now a revolutionary, and he is going to get some revolutionary justice out of that sheep sheering operation by finding some damn ways to get back those three fleeced bags of wool, one damned way or another. And with an agenda like that it is pretty hard not to be found doing the big hustle. If he does not succeed in doing the hustle then that would mean that he was shorn and then sent out to pasture with all the other bare skinned fleeced sheep, and for Sean Lockhart this thought is to abhorrent to contemplate.

And so therefore Sean is hustling, yes, he is really hustling and he hustling in one really big hurry, because while the clock is ticking Sean is thinking about how time is running out and that if he doesn’t hurry up and do the hustle and get back those three fucking bags of wool pretty damn quick then he will never ever again have the chance to undo that terrible injustice that was done when he got fleeced. For you see one of Sean’s great fears right now is that he is growing old. Yes he is in his early twenties now, which is really causing him to worry, and soon, perhaps in another year or two, it might be to late, and then he will never be able to hustle and bustle and get back those three fucking bags of wool because he will aged out of the gay porn industry Sean is also worried that perhaps he is all used up and washed up just like all those other quickly used up and washed fleeced lambs that came before him, and that thought scares the shit out of him as well, because it means he may never correct that wrong that bothers him so much, and that he will have to learn to live with the fact that he lost his three bags of wool.

There is something even more dreadful that haunts Sean, and that makes him really hustle and perform his ‘antics’ and go on the make, and that is that if he does not somehow get back his three lost bags of wool, then he must live for the rest of his life filled with a sense of self loathing for having been such a chump and taken to the cleaners, fleeced and dumped, and all so very effortlessly and so easily. It is this injury that drives Sean forward even more so that the drive for revolutionary justice, and it also explains a lot of his antics, for I think that Sean blames that chump, ‘Brent Corrigan’, for being so damned stupid that he lost the bags of wool, and so now Sean is going to ‘act up’ and assert himself and make himself over again and just dump from his personality every last trace of ‘Brent Corrigan’. Unfortunately that is not always as easy as he might wish it to be and from time to time that Brent Corrigan will show up for some gig and leave that Sean Lockhart at home.

Now I thought I might point out to Sean that there is this place they might call a ‘Camp Corrigan’ and as Sean secretly fears, this being the porn industry, after all, that ‘Camp Corrigan’ might be about to become an empty lot, if it is not an empty lot already, since as Sean knows, ‘Camp Corrigan’ is destined to become an empty lot and the only question is when. This is the porn industry. Sean understands it. He knows this is inevitable. However there is this other place known as ‘Camp Lockhart’ and that place will never, ever become an empty lot, for you see, Sean, love is like the eternal flame. It does not burn out, and no one there ever says, ‘oh, no, not him again…he is yesterday’s news.’ I think that one of the reasons porn chews lambs up and so quickly spits them out is because porn just gives so little, and therefore it is not possible for a porn star to inspire the affections and the love that would allow the building of some permanent camp that is not destined to become just another empty lot. No matter what happens, Sean, or how things turn out for you, you will always have ‘Camp Lockhart’, and a place like that will never become one of those empty lots, so you can just stop worrying and fretting about that. You are surrounded by people who have actually come to love you, Sean. Now they may be a minority population in this world at the present time, those sensitive types who know how to work out a jig saw puzzle, but they do exist.

Telling Sean Lockhart all this may not do much to stop Sean from feeling so extremely pissed off, but hopefully it might help him to rid himself of those feelings of lothing himself for being some chump who got fleeced, for there really isn’t anything there to be loathed.

Before I close I would like to share a little story with you, Sean.

I told you the story of how when I was fifteen the brilliant glowing craft appeared at Banff National Park. The craft then followed my family to Jasper, and then to Meadow Lake, and finally back to my hometown of Melville, Saskatchewan. Naturally this caused a big stir in that town, and I remember the people who saw them. People were also doing that thing that people do when such strange things begin to happen, which is calling the police and calling the media. I remember one kid, whose name was Craig, who was out every evening with his toy telescope trying to get a closer look.

Now in my intellect I knew that what was happening was very real, but at the same time I noticed this bizarre conflict which existed within my personality. I knew it was real and yet at the same time it did not feel real. My mind was pulling me in one direction while my emotions were constantly trying to pull me back to where I came from. It took some time before my emotions settled down and began to agree with my head. This was a strange experience and I mention it because it is inevitable that sooner or later you will be experiencing something similar, if in fact, you are not experiencing it right now, which is possible, because you have suddenly vanished and Brent Corrigan is back, or so it would seem.

I also did put you on the spot, so that now everyone will be waiting to see what Sean Lockhart does. I do feel kind of sorry for you for that reason, for you already deal with enough notoriety, and now you have a little more. As you know, it is my wish that would no longer continue your trek towards the blazing fire which you can see before you, burning over the horizon. Yes, that inferno of destruction is your destination. There is this lack of arrogance in your personality, and a kind of maturity is found in you, apart from that struggle you have going on with Brent, of course, and this humility is the result of staring off at the horizon and seeing the rising column of smoke and then understanding that this is your final destination. Therefore, because you have taken a look at life and sized things up, you have realized that there isn’t much point in being real arrogant, and instead, Sean, my reading of you is that you are one of those good hearted and generous souls who would like to the right thing, even though sometimes that can be complex, and this also explains your fleecing and your lost bags of wool, for such good hearts are just the type to get fleeced out of three bags full.

A Unified Field Theory

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The Unified Field Theory
is also available as a zip file ->

Introduction :The Pioneer Effect and the New Physics. A brief description of the new physics required to explain the 'Pioneer Effect', which is the constant deceleration of space craft as they fly through space.


Principles of Evolution: A Study in the Evolution of Bedbugs

A couple of years ago my bedroom was invaded by bedbugs. There were two variant genetic lines. One type of bedbug was an enlongated, thin, tubular insect, and the second genetic line was a flat, perfectly circular insect. The result of the cross breeding of these two genetically distinct variants was the production of a bedbug with charcteristics of both, an enlongated, flat bedbug with a central bulge (such that the shape of the bedbug was somewhere between 'long' and 'circular'). The long skinny bedbugs were such strange and unfamiliar looking insects that at first I did not recognize them as being bedbugs, and considered them to be a seperate species of insect. However, as the photographs of bedbugs above indicate, enlongated and skinny bedbugs are not uncommon, and the photographs also show the variants that are produced by genetic combinations that result in an insect somewhere in between 'circular' and 'enlongated'.

Therefore it is my hypothesis that evolution occurs by means of the transfer of dominate genes, with the production of such dominant genes being the product of 'biological algorithms', a genetic software program that brings physical characteristics into harmony with behavior, such that when behavior changes, and a conflict then exists, this acts as a trigger and causes the release of dominant genes. The result is rapid evolution of species. The bedbug is a relatively new insect, not the product of millions of years of evolution but rather an insect that is evolving in real time. The newly emerging dominant form of the insect is the flat, round ciruclar insect, well adapted to living in human bedrooms (it is flat, rather than tubular, thus allowing it to hide in the smallest cracks, living a stealthy lifestyle, and it is round, which gives the insect a maximum storage capacity such that it must endanger itself only a few times a month by emerging to feed.

Other examples of rapid evolution include the development of long legs in an invasive species of toad in Australia. As the toads move into the mountainous regions of Australia, and their behvaior changes, making them 'climbing toads', over the course of just a couple of decades the toads in the highlands have grown long legs specially adapted to climbing. It is worth noting here that the toads are poisonous, and are a successful invasive species because they have no natural predators in Australia, and so it would not be the case that the toads with long legs were 'the fittest survivors', because all the toads are survivors, and therefore predation does not explain the rapid emergence and spread of such well adapted, long legged toads. Once again we see evidence for the existence of biological algorithms and the rapid spread of dominant genes through a population, which once introduced proceed to overwhelm the older genes which are being replaced (making toad long legged and a bed bug round and flat).

A Theological Experiment

My interest in pursuing the Unified Field Theory is spurred on by my need to discover the theoretical explanation of a new form of propulsion (as explained on this page: Why the Unified Field Theory?). The experiment involving the bedbugs came out of nowhere.

I also believe that it is possible to justify theological propositions using experimental methods. If a thing is an objective truth then it can be verified and proven true by means of experimentation. Such a theological proposition is of more value than a ‘divine revelation’, since such revelations depend upon nothing more than establishing authority figures which requires the creation of artificial hierarchies, for the only reason why I might be encouraged to believe an authority figure who orders me to believe unsubstantiated opinions is if I could somehow be convinced that this authority possessed a mind that was somehow superior to mine, and thus was fit to express opinions as though opinions were unquestionable facts and thus worthy of being elevated to the status of absolute dogma.

There is a self evident human inequality which is visibly apparent. Some people are ‘beautiful’ and thus are the true elite on this planet, and some people are not. It is this sexual inequality and the degeneration that follows upon beauty that is the true driving force behind all the evil that happens on earth. The need for ruthless oppression and the pursuit of wealth and the consequent creation of suffering and poverty which must follow upon this practice is for the purpose of creating an artificial alpha elite.

The true elites are the young and the beautiful. The artificial elite are the rich and the wealthy. The elite aging rich artificial alpha male has no good looks, for he is physically degenerate, but he will be found escorting beauty because he has a beautiful wallet. If he loses his wallet he will be found at home with all the other unattractive aged beta males sitting in a rocking chair watching reruns of Bonanza. No money, no sex. It is for this reason that the alpha males are found to be so ruthless and so violent in pursuit of their goal. The alpha male has fallen. The beta male has arisen and now the whole planet is full of ruinous destruction for it.

We see in religion a confused and contradictory reaction to this reality. On the one hand religion preaches a sexless heaven where castration and the clitorectomy create ‘pure spirits’. Muslims throw women under sacks. On the other hand religion supports hierarchy and is the prop of the elite alpha male. It is for this reason that religion is incoherent when it comes to speaking about sex.

Now we see this same principle at work in all of nature. Guppies dance and show off their colorful tails and the guppy who dances with the most colorful tail is the sexually successful guppy. Therefore it is the doctrine of the ruthless oppressor which teaches that the solution to human sexual violence is to be found in castration and the creation of pure ghosts. This would be equivalent to damning an aardvark for having the ‘sinful aardvark nature’ or prosecuting an anteater for the high crime of ‘ant genocide’.

Therefore it was my theological hypothesis that the correct solution to this problem is to give every guppy a beautiful colorful tail. I compare this solution to the classic religious solution which is to cut off every tail since having a tail is ‘sinful’. If having a tail is sinful then God must be sinful for no human being has any choice in deciding whether or not they would be born with a colorful tail, or whether they would not.

When I was young I was a beautiful guppy with a lovely tail. So everyone seemed to think. I am older now. My nose became very badly sunburned and destroyed. It seemed good to me to test my hypothesis by using these ‘biological algorithms’ to correct this problem. I healed half my nose as you can see by the line separating the still very dark patch on the side in the photograph below.

I documented my experiment on these pages. one two t hree four fi ve six

I have confirmed to my own satisfaction that my theological proposition is correct and that religious dogma is erroneous, being based as it was upon nothing more than ‘divine revelation’ which is just a form of opinionated speculation. For the time being I am not continuing this experiment, for I must wait until the weather on this planet improves, and the dark clouds of ruthless oppression break letting a little sun shine come through so that I can show the world the truth about God, by showing people how God goes about giving an old guppy back his beautiful colorful tail.

Until then I will have to sit on the sidelines, while all my scientific breakthroughs are deliberately ignored, while I wonder to myself what ever in the world could be wrong with the human race, because what this all will prove at the end of it all is that there definitely was something wrong with the people on this planet.